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    Lydia and Jay discuss the early years of Revolution. Lydia, now an artist, met Jay when he was passing out fliers for his tiny congregation at clubs in Atlanta. "I do remember hanging that Revolution flier on my wall with all my posters," Lydia says now. She and her friends, teenagers at the time, braved the interstate from their small suburbs to downtown Atlanta to attend services. In the fifteen years since, Lydia and Jay have put on sermons at punk rock venues, seen marriages bloom and then fall apart, and supported each other through their mothers’ deaths. Lydia remembers leaning on Jay and the rest of their community when her mother died unexpectedly from a relapse of brain cancer. “I just wanted to go on like normal…I thought that was the thing to do, but little did I know I was powerless over that.” Listen to the full episode, "Lydia: We Met in Hell, Remember?" on iTunes, or on the podcatcher of your choice. Lydia's artwork is at her website. Subscribe to our podcast and like our Facebook page for the most up-to-date news on our podcast.